Detox and De-Stress, Post-Turkey

Thanksgiving pic.png

Thanksgiving and all its food is now behind us, and with it beckons the month-long push of holiday and end-of-year festivities! While we feast on leftovers and RSVP to holiday parties, it’s important to consider the importance of detoxing our bodies and caring for our minds in the midst of our hectic holiday schedules.

Here’s a handy guide to detoxing, de-stressing, and de-puffing for every occasion this holiday season!


Between family gatherings, office parties, or that bottle of wine from sitting in Nashville shopping traffic all afternoon, our skin can take a beating from all the added alcohol, sugar, and toxins. Our Sunlighten full-spectrum infrared saunas are perfect for beating that post-imbibing puffiness. Hop in for a 40-minute session to shed the bloating, burn calories, sweat out toxins, and rejuvenate skin. For an added boost, grab one of our Little Seed farm rose quartz facial rollers to maximize lymphatic drainage and stimulate circulation in the skin. Once you’re finished, pop on one of our CBD patches from The Good Patch chock full of premium hemp extract and replenishing B vitamins and green tea. For an added boost of hydration, grab one of our Age Quencher Hydrate on-the-go packs to add to your water bottle, and you’ll be good as new!


Maybe you’re at the point where you can’t clean another dish, cook another meal, or eat another bite. Grandma’s homemade pie and that extra helping at Thanksgiving got you feeling like that stuffed turkey on the table last week? Come burn it off in the sauna while you chill out, watch Netflix, and sweat it out! Our infrared saunas help burn hundreds of calories in each session and allow the body to sweat out excess water weight and toxins. For maximum benefits, schedule several sessions within a week and squeeze right back into that party outfit for holiday festivities. For any sauna package purchased between now and the end of the year, we’ll give you a free Avene facial spray to help you maintain that post-sauna glow!


The holidays, while well-intentioned, can be super stressful, from juggling gift lists, navigating traffic jams, interacting with family members, and jamming a busy schedule into one month. Don’t succumb to it and give yourself a mental time-out with a float or a sauna/float combo! Our Holiday Special combo gives you a 40-minute infrared sauna combined with a 40-minute float therapy session for just $89, and you can extend your float to a 60-minute session for only $10 more.

The sauna is warm, grounding, and detoxifying (and you can binge-watch a little Netflix while you’re in there!), a great remedy for the cold days ahead. If you’re looking to unplug, tune out the world, and re-center your being, our float therapy is the perfect option! A cleansing and uplifting experience, the epsom salt’s magnesium nourishes skin and is proven to decrease cortisol levels and improve quality of sleep. Additionally, the Theta brainwave state that floating creates allows our bodies to achieve the deep state of relaxation that allows itself to heal both mind and body. On your way out, be sure to snag one of our popular CBD bath bombs, full of 100 mg of full-spectrum, organic, non-GMO cbd oil. It’s like bathing in bliss!

We hope your holidays are filled with joy, fun, and loved ones - but don’t forget to take care of yourself, too! Schedule your sauna or float appointment and give your body the TLC it needs to survive the season!