My Autoimmune Recovery Using Infrared Sauna

As many of our clients know, I suffer from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, which means that my own antibodies attack my thyroid and cause it to under-perform. As a result, the past several years have challenged my body and mind. Many people are not aware of the symptoms of Hashimoto’s because they mimic various other conditions and are easily overlooked such as: persistent weight gain, poor circulation and feeling cold all the time, brain fog, hair loss, sluggish metabolism, extreme fatigue, joint pain, depression, and anxiety.


While I took the necessary steps with both diet and supplements to manage my condition, I still wasn’t feeling even close to 100 percent, which is what initially brought me into Pure Sweat + Float Studio as a client. I felt so good after just my first session that I decided to work here - and once I learned more about the benefits of their full spectrum infrared saunas, I made it a goal in late October to get in at least three times a week. I also discovered that because infrared light heats you from within on a cellular level, you can burn up to 600 calories in one session!

By Christmas, I noticed the pounds starting to come off, my joint pain was at an all-time low, and the usual lethargy I experienced in the winter had diminished. Slowly but surely, the pounds continued to melt away, and four months later, I have lost a total of 20 pounds and counting! In December, I made a short video about the benefits of infrared therapy, and it’s incredible just to see the noticeable differences between then and now!

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As with any practice, I have found that consistency is key. I notice the greatest benefits when I aim for three saunas a week, though occasionally I up it to four. Our Studio’s membership options offer an easy and affordable way to integrate infrared therapy on a routine basis. At this point, my body craves the sauna; I took a week-long vacation, and the aches, pain, and lethargy reared its ugly head without my regular sessions. I can truly say adding this one regular practice into my wellness routine has been life-changing. My confidence has returned, and my body has more energy than it has in years.

Don’t just take my word for it; a 2009 study showed that Sunlighten infrared saunas are beneficial for lowering weight and waist circumference in just a 3-month period.  With 50 million people affected in the United States and 250 million people worldwide, the rate of autoimmune diseases has tripled over the last 75 years - making infrared heat therapy an important tool in reclaiming health.

If you’re experiencing similar symptoms, come see how infrared therapy can help you reclaim your life! I’d be happy to share my experience with you.

Wishing you health and happiness,


Candice Bruder