Ask the Wellness Experts: Gabrielle Caldwell, Osho Collective

As we align internally, our external reality shifts as well.
— Gabrielle Caldwell

In continuation with our series, Ask the Wellness Experts, we shift our focus to Gabrielle Caldwell, co-creator and owner of Osho Collective Wellness Spa in Berry Hill. Gabrielle is a healer, using guided meditation, applied kinesiology, and other modalities, including ancestral harmony. In addition, Gabrielle organizes special events and programs with a holistic integration of healing practices that bring more love and ease in one’s life. We call her an emotional oracle :) and our clients can also enjoy her soulful, guided meditations during a float session in our Studios.


In this interview, Gabrielle shares about connecting to your truest self and the power of listening within.

Q: What do you do?

A: Through my 90-minute sessions, I teach clients the tools they need to navigate their full lives, listen within and trust themselves. I guide them through meditations and healing visualizations that lead to an alignment of true self and purpose. As we align internally, our external reality shifts as well.

Q: What kind of clients do you see and why?

A: My clients tend to be high achievers and creatives who know there must be something more to this life. They have achieved many culturally acceptable “successes” but still feel that something is missing. They seek me out for guidance on how to align with their truest sense of self, how to nurture their truest happiness and how to feel connected to their purpose.

Q: What’s one trend you’re observing in people’s health goals or needs?

A: They seek trust in listening within, believing in themselves, hearing their instincts. As things start to shake up, it’s human nature to resist change. It’s normal to question ourselves and say, “Am I crazy?” What I can say is if you aren’t asking yourself that once every few weeks, you’re probably stuck in a pattern. Life is a constant evolution. Showing up to do the work is part of the journey.

Q: How are infrared sauna and floating helpful therapies?

A: Floating and infrared sauna are ways to both settle the nervous system so that we can “hear” our calling more clearly and to detox the body of what doesn’t serve or align with our fullest expression. As the infrared sauna and floats physically clarify your body, they also open the pathway to clear the emotional build-up we also have stored within our bodies. They are both powerful companions to energy work.

Q: What’s one wellness practice you would advise people to do?

A: Acknowledge your instincts, remember them. Often, our brains cannot make sense of our intuitions, and we opt to follow the brain rather than the intuition. Know that everything we do, even the annoying things that seemingly keep us stuck, at one point in time or in the time of an ancestor, they provided a way forward for survival. I urge my clients to simply begin to acknowledge their intuition. Whether or not they follow it is a different story. In the beginning, it’s most important to acknowledge how one feels, without the story. For example, they may say, “I’m anxious about work today.” I would guide someone to look at why they are anxious - what is the root fear? And simply acknowledge that there is as likely a time that fear served them or an ancestor in survival. So we simply acknowledge this and say “I see you”.

Q: What do you do to bring balance into your life?

A: Warm Water... you’ll find me in the pool or in the shower for as long as I can stay warm. It brings me effective clearing and listening every time.

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