Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Sauna and Float Therapy services. Should you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at the Studio.



What is Infrared?
Infrared is an invisible wavelength of light (experienced as heat) that has the ability to safely penetrate your body on a cellular level and raise core body temperature. Each wavelength of the Full Spectrum (Far, Middle, Near) targets different parts of the body to produce specific health benefits:

  • The Far wavelength is the longest wavelength, targeting tightly stored toxins within your body that are broken up with the Infrared heat. Once broken up, they are now free to be purged through sweat, the body's natural way to release toxins.

  • The Mid wavelength, the second longest wavelength, targets muscle and joint tissue - reducing inflammation and increasing flexion. This, in turn, results in pain relief and aids in physical performance. It is commonly recommended by Physical Therapists and is an effective therapy for those who practice sports, exercise, or are in physical recovery.

  • The Near wavelength, the shortest wavelength, targets the skin - increasing collagen, encouraging skin cell rejuvenation, and aiding in fine lines and wrinkle reduction. This specific wavelength is great for anti-aging benefits and is also effective for those who have surgical scars. 

In addition to these health benefits, the Full Spectrum of Infrared technology also produces an expanded range of other benefits, including weight loss, reduced blood pressure, and healthy, glowing skin. Plus, when your body is well detoxed, your whole internal Ecosystem is going to function and flow much easier and more efficiently. It's an awesome domino effect of enhanced health.

How safe is Infrared heat?
Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things. You can be exposed to infrared light for hours without the risk of burning. Within nature, Infrared is a naturally occurring output of the sun, but does not contain the harmful UV rays associated with unprotected sunlight. Infrared light is used by various physicians and is even used to warm babies in the hospital.  

What is the difference between an Infrared and traditional sauna?
Infrared heat is very gentle. The experience is similar to lying in the sun on a warm day and feeling the heat radiate to the core of your body. Unlike traditional hot rock or steam saunas, which can operate in excess of 200°F, infrared heat is effective at a more comfortable temperature, between 100°-145°F. Traditional saunas heat the air vs. within the body directly. Because infrared heat penetrates the body instead of simply heating the surface of the skin, infrared saunas are seven times more effective than traditional saunas at detoxification. By raising the body’s core temperature, infrared saunas can produce a sweat composed of 20% toxins as opposed to just 3% toxins with a traditional sauna.

What should I wear in the sauna?
It is up to you. Most clients prefer to go in the nude, while some like to wear workout clothes. Either way, towels must be placed on the bench, and shoes are strictly prohibited. Going nude vs. wearing light clothing will not alter the effectiveness of your sauna session.

How long is a sauna session and What does it entail?
Each standard session is 40 minutes and includes all three wavelengths (Near, Mid, Far) set at 100% to receive the maximum health benefits elicited by each. We set the cabin temperature at 140 degrees, and we are able to customize the temperature setting to lower or slightly higher based on your request/preference. All of our "Smart Infrared Cabins" also include a tablet, where clients can enjoy wifi-connected apps such as Pandora and our complimentary Netflix account (yes, people love watching their favorite TV shows or movies while they sweat!); or clients can simply dim the lights, unplug and relax. We have various, customizable options to create your preferred experience, and staff are on-hand to assist with these settings. We'll go through all of this when you come here :)

Do you provide showers and towels?
We provide fresh towels for your convenience. We do not, however, provide showers for infrared sauna sessions. If able, we suggest not showering for up to an hour afterward, as you will continue to sweat out toxins as you cool down. 

Does Infrared technology interfere with implants (metal, silicone, etc.)?
Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves and thus are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician prior to using an infrared sauna.


Can I use an Infrared sauna during pregnancy?
No. Women who are pregnant should not experience any therapies that raise their core body pressure. This also applies to traditional saunas, steam rooms, and jacuzzis. Post-birth and during breast feeding, infrared therapy is typically safe to resume. However, please consult your doctor prior to booking a session.  


How often should I use the sauna?
Just like any wellness or fitness practice, you will see greater results the more you do it! That being said, the recommended frequency depends on your individual health and wellness goals, as well as your lifestyle. Clinical studies have shown the effectiveness of three sessions per week for focused therapies, and many clients customize and incorporate their infrared therapy sessions into their regular routines and post-workouts. Whether it’s once a week, less, or more, we have purchase options to easily integrate infrared sauna therapy into your schedule.


How do I stay hydrated?
Water bottles with a lid are permitted in the sauna cabin. You may bring your own water bottle, or you can purchase our Defiance Ultra-Purified Water. It is important to remain hydrated before and after your sauna session. 


What if I don't sweat during my first session?
Don’t worry. For some people, it takes a few sessions before the body really begins to sweat profusely and the “dams break open," so to speak. Hydration or lack thereof can also affect the amount you sweat. However, it is important to remember that even if you aren’t sweating, you are still receiving the therapeutic benefits of infrared heat. You win no matter what! But chances are strong, you'll have a great sweat.


Do you sell gift cards?
Yes.  Gift cards may be purchased at the Studio or online. Our therapies are wonderful gifts to give and receive!


Are there any contraindications for sauna use?
Please CLICK HERE to view safety measures & medical advisories.


Can children use the Infrared Sauna and Float Pods?

No.  Our Infrared Saunas and Float Pods are for those, ages 16 years and older.  Clients under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign a consent form.


Do you provide childcare?

Unfortunately, we do not. We are a boutique studio, and parents will need to make arrangements for their children outside of the Studio. As much as we love children here, they are also not allowed to be in the session rooms.


What does Floating feel like?
Floating feels like weightlessness enveloped within a pure, tranquil environment. The Epsom salt solution makes floating effortless. Floating lowers stress hormones, replenishes neurotransmitters, and releases endorphins, which induce ultra-deep relaxation. Many sleep like a baby afterwards or experience a lucid calm that can last for days. 


What is Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or Sensory Deprivation?
Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy or R.E.S.T., also referred to as “Sensory Deprivation," is the attempt to restrict or remove sensory input and stimuli, using the float tank as a tool to achieve deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Our bodies and minds are inundated with stimuli every day – sights, sounds, cell phones, social media, even pressure on our bodies and backs as we sit, work, or pound the pavement. The restriction of stimulation allows our bodies and minds to rest and restore within a natural state. You are essentially clearing the clutter and pressure of everyday life and are therefore able to connect with your inner peace. Research has also shown that R.E.S.T. aids in crystalizing thoughts, sparking creativity, and enhancing performance.

Our Evolution Float Pods represent the most contemporary format for floating and offer customizable options. You can dim the lights, turn them on, or off; close the lid or keep it open; play music, or float in silence. The experience is up to you.


Why Epsom salt?
A healing resource for centuries, Epsom salt is composed of naturally occurring minerals magnesium and sulfate which can help improve health in numerous ways. During a float, magnesium is absorbed through the skin, the body's largest organ, and aids in lowering blood pressure and hyperactivity, as well as reducing pain and inflammation. Sulfates, meanwhile, help the body flush toxins, form proteins in joints, and relieve lactic acid from sore muscles. Epsom salt is also a great skin exfoliant, leaving it soft and glowing.


How clean is the water?
Crystal clean. Our Evolution Float Pods, manufactured by industry leader Superior Float Tanks, come equipped with the state-of-the-art filtration systems, providing the highest quality water available. The Evolution Filtration System is able to filter particles from the water to 1 micron in size (smaller than a skin cell) and is FDA compliant for drinking water (Class 1 Filtration). Water is completely recirculated and filtered through two systems at least three times between each float, and the most up-to-date technology in UV sterilization and ozone injection systems are implemented throughout the day to maintain purity. In addition, we test the waters three times a day to maintain the highest levels of sanitation and maintain a thorough cleaning program throughout our entire Studio. Our Evolution Float Pods are also seamless, so nothing can be stored within cracks and seams. Plus, Epsom salt significantly reduces the potential for bacteria and germ growth. Besides all that, we are self-admitted clean freaks.


What if I am claustrophobic? 
Don't worry - Our Float Pods have a pivot lid that allows the lid to remain open or closed. The interior of our Float Pods is over       7 feet long, providing a very spacious environment. Even those who lean on the claustrophobic side find it perfectly comfortable and comforting! During a float session, the float tank may be illuminated with gentle, ambient lighting, and there is also optional, meditative music. Our Float Pods also include an intercom should you need to contact the front desk for any reason. We are big believers in there is no right or wrong way to float - it's whatever way makes you feel good. This is your time, enjoy!


What do I need to bring/prepare?
Not much. We provide towels, organic shampoo, conditioner, soap, ear plugs, flotation head rests, ointments, and general post-float grooming supplies. Guests will shower before a float to thoroughly cleanse any hair and skin products, and after the float as well, to rinse the Epsom salt and clean/condition the hair and body as preferred. Guests will leave with what we call the "Post-Float Glow"!


What do I wear when I Float?
We suggest the most au naturel state, floating in the nude to directly expose the skin. Our float pods are completely hygienic and private. Should you prefer, you may certainly bring your bathing suit.


Can I float while pregnant?
Yes! Floating is especially enjoyed by women in their second and third trimesters, when the effects of advanced pregnancy such as additional baby weight, sore backs, joints, and swelling can be greatly relieved. Since floating has been shown to reduce cortisol levels and increase endorphins, it can also be a helpful way to counteract hormonal changes associated with pregnancy such as insomnia, anxiety, and depression. Floating is a beautiful gift to give a mommy-to-be, offering an incredibly tranquil, rewarding, and inner bonding experience. As with most therapies, however, please consult your physician prior to floating if you have any specific health concerns.


Any precautions/preparations before I Float?
Try to limit caffeine before you float, and avoid eating large meals. It’s best not to shave or wax just prior to floating, as the Epsom salt could irritate your skin.


What is your cancellation policy?

We require at least 24-hour advanced cancellation notice to receive a full refund. Any cancellations made within less than 24 hours will incur a $50 fee. No-shows will be charged for the full session. A courtesy confirmation and reconfirmation email will be sent to you. Please call the Studio to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 


What if I recently colored my hair?
Please test and ensure that your hair is not leaking any color when wet or washed before coming to float. This will preserve the water integrity of our Pods, as well as your hair color. If your hair has been recently colored and is leaking, we will not be able to host you within the float. Cancellation fees and policies will still apply.


What if I have an open wound?

If you have any significant open wounds, we will not be able to host you to a float. Cancellation fees and policies will still apply. Please reschedule to a time when your wounds have sufficiently healed.