Enjoy Infrared Sauna + Float Therapy exclusively for you and your guests!

With 5 Infrared Saunas, 2 Float Suites + access to  Nashville's healing arts therapists, we will create a one-of-a-kind wellness experience.


We are happy to accommodate large groups to enjoy our services for a block of time. Our Infrared Sauna and Float sessions can be synchronized so guests can begin and conclude at the same time.
Take advantage of our New Client Sauna + Float Packs, all of which can be shared among your group! 


Want to indulge in a unique wellness experience enjoying our Studio with just you and your guests?

Our Pure Parties are an exceptional way to relax, connect, and celebrate with friends and loved ones within the privacy of our entire space.

We will customize a 3-hour wellness itinerary combining Infrared Sauna and Float Therapy with some of Nashville's most exquisite healing arts and therapists brought in just for you. We can accommodate up to 6 guests for a private party. 


Message your local PS+FS about booking