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Unlimited 30-Day Sauna Program + Free Weekday Float Boost, $259 (*non-shareable)

Enhance your wellness with our premium 30 saunas in 30 days special

Teacher + Student Discount:

Present your I.D. and enjoy 15% off standard packs and singles


All sauna packages are shareable + good for 1 year

Sessions must be used at the Studio where purchased. Click the circle to purchase!


Wellness Sauna Kits

Enhance your sessions with our sauna wellness kits - to boost glowing, healthy skin + deep hydration for a mini spa-like experience every time you sauna.

Click to see the goodies inside and pick them up during your next appointment!


Sauna Essentials Kit

Deluxe Sauna
Essentials Kit

Beauty Booster
Sauna Kit

Deluxe Beauty
Booster Sauna Kit



Sauna memberships can be shared with a designated plus 1 at no additional cost.

Enjoy a complimentary 1 month rollover, discount on retail + reduced float prices.

A minimum 3-month commitment is required with a 30-day cancellation notice

Sessions from Memberships can only be used at the Studio where purchased



Corporate + CLIENT GIFTING specials

Encourage work/life balance, productivity, health, employee retention and client appreciation -

Ask us about sauna specials for company wellness programs!