Live Up. Sweat Pure.

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Pure Sweat + Float Studio is Nashville’s exclusive wellness destination for state-of-the-art, full spectrum infrared sauna and float therapy.


Acclaimed by the world’s leading health experts, elite athletes, and people just like you, Infrared Saunas and Floating deliver an abundance of clinically tested and research-based health and healing benefits, including detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, reduced stress and deep, mental & physical relaxation.  

Winner of The Nashville Scene's "Best Of " awards, as well as a 2019 MINDBODY Visionary, Pure Sweat + Float Studio features the industry's top-of-the-line Infrared Sauna and Float therapy equipment. With Studios in Belle Meade and Franklin’s Cool Springs, we are a community-focused retreat for those seeking enhanced health and well-being.   

Life is busy and often stressful. We take pride in providing a pristine environment where you can relax, reset and recharge. Just leave your worries at the door, and we’ll take care of the rest.

We welcome clients aged 16 years and up and are open everyday. Sweat, Float, or combine both therapies to bring self-care and wellness into your life. Book a session today to see how Pure Sweat + Float Studio can help you Live Up and Sweat Pure.

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“Awesome new experience.”

Jay P.

“The staff was very informative and super friendly and made you feel right at home!”

Courtney B.

“The experience here is sublime.”

Katrine L.


Infrared Sauna Therapy

Pure Sweat + Float Studio's exclusive Triple Wavelength Infrared Sauna Therapy by Sunlighten - the leader in infrared technology - offers a full spectrum of Near, Mid and Far Infrared wavelengths to warm your body at the cellular level, delivering a deep tissue sweat and advanced health and healing.

Standard sauna sessions are 40-minutes. Whether you're looking for detoxification, pain relief, weight loss, or skin health, our full spectrum infrared saunas deliver all of these with whole body health. Envelop yourself within our Cabin's chromotherapy, listen to music, enjoy complimentary Netflix, meditate to our Calm app, or simply unplug while you sweat. 

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Float Therapy

Enjoy an experience like none other in a private suite featuring our state-of-the-art Float Pods by Superior Float Tanks, exclusive at Pure Sweat + Float Studio. Float effortlessly within pristine, warm water mixed with nearly 1,000 pounds of therapeutic Epsom salt, creating a gravity-free healing environment for deep physical recovery and mental relaxation.

We offer 40-minute and 60-minute Float sessions everyday, as well as 25-minute Float Boosts Monday through Friday. Keep the float lid open, dim the lights, and play some tranquil music – or lower the lid for a womblike retreat - our customizable pod options help create your ultimate floating environment.

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